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Make wonderful holiday memories with one of our unique Snowflake ornaments.

Whether purchased as a gift or to embellish your own holiday decorating scheme, our unique Snowflake Ornaments are sure to add to your holiday cheer!


  • Dimensions: 3"h x 3"w x 0.125"d
  • Pewter flat ornament with silver hanging thread
  • All feature our original photograph from the Greater Minnesota Area.
  • Choice of five creative designs shown below.


But hurry, our Snowflake Christmas Ornaments are available in limited quantities and for a limited time only.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend you complete your purchase TODAY!


To purchase your choice of our one of a kind ornaments, you may use our online purchasing option, PayPal, below.


If you are local and prefer to order directly from us and save shipping charges, you may arrange a cash and carry purchase by calling

(320) 243-1003

to order directly from us.


Online Ordering Option

To complete your purchase using our Online Ordering Option, click on the "add to cart" button below.

Colorful Cardinal

Ornament features an original photograph of a colorful cardinal and proclaims loved ones are here when cardinals are near. Photographed in Greater Minnesota.

Colorful Cardinal - SO1

Light of the World

Ornament features an original photograph of a decorated Christmas tree and proclaims Christ as the light of Christmas. Photographed in Greater Minnesota.

Light of the World - SO2

Land of Loons and 'Skeeters

Humorous Ornament features an original photograph of the Minnesota State bird and proclaims Minnesota as the Land of Loons and 'Skeeters. Photographed in Greater Minensota.

Land of Loons and 'Skeeters - SO3

Kisses from Heaven

Ornament features an original photograph of a frosted Christmas tree and proclaims snowflakes are kisses from Heaven. Photographed in Greater Minnesota.

Kisses from Heaven - SO4

God Bless the USA

Patriotic ornament features an original photograph of the national bird posing on a snow day and proclaims God bless the USA. Photographed in Greater Minnesota.

God Bless the USA - SO5